Once in a great while, the Lord grants a same-day answer to prayer.
Today was one. Yesterday on our way home from Michigan our RAV’s check-engine light came on. We drove on pins and needles the rest of the way home and learned from Auto Zone that the code was “Catalytic Converter”

Today in getting estimates I learned that on our RAV4 the converter is part of the Exhaust Manifold! There is no way to replace just the catalytic converter section, it’s all one unit. The typically-cheapest place in Waukesha – whom I trust – estimated over $1400!!

So all day I’ve been praying: Lord, grant me wisdom. Lead me to somebody who’s really good. Show me an alternative or something… please?

Tonight after work, I started the RAV, half on a whim.
The Check Engine light didn’t come on!

After dinner I went back.. tried it again.. same thing
I drove it, put half a tank of SHELL PREMIUM in it (with their detergents) to help a little … and drove it half an hour…
It’s still good!

Thank you, Father, for Your quiet intervention!