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Here in Nebraska I’ve found I can see the morning’s sunrise from the sofa in the front room when I have my quiet time. The variety of God’s creation amazes me:  with clouds / without clouds.  vibrant colors  / subtle hues.   long previews / rapid sunrises.

The other morning I found myself wondering “How many sunrises do you suppose God has painted?  I mean, each one’s different from the next . . .

I picked up my little calculator on a whim.   365 days per year times 10,000 years  (2,000 years since Christ, maybe 8,000  years before) – that’s 3,650,000 sunrises, for what is now the corner we live on; our latitude and longtitude.  Hmmm…

There are 360 degrees east to west; that’s 1,314,000,000 but the last two zeros are missing on my screen, There’s an “E” in the corner where they should go.  I’ve overshot its capability.

and 360 degrees vertically too…

473,040,000,000  – and that’s just sunrises. Moments in the day when guys like me notice His pallete and His skill and think “how beautiful”.

There’s no denying it.  God is a prolific artist. What’s more, His love is boundless. He loves mankind. He sent His Son – His ONLY Son – to die for us so we could have life abundantly.  He rose from the dead to demonstrate once for all, He’s qualified to offer life to all who will place their faith in Him.

We sang “Indescribable” in church yesterday.  I teared up a little.  I always do, it seems.  “You are amazing, God!”