I love that faith grows stronger and bolder by reviewing  what God has already done.  It’s one of the reasons I enjoy reading Bible history.  One can read of faith in action —or the lack thereof— and learn from giants or wimps of the faith.

We’re seeing God at work at every turn in this latest transition.  I’m going to list them for my benefit now, and a few months or couple years down the road when I re-read these paragraphs.  Perhaps these observations will bolster your faith too.

Don’t let anyone tell you God’s not at work these days.
He’s alive and well, working in
working for
and working through His people!

  • I’ve been privileged to work alongside Dan Forness at Spring Creek Church in a ministry venue much like the one I led in Delafield and like the one I hope to develop in Gering.  My demo video with SCC choir and orchestra demonstrated exactly what Gary is hoping we’ll one day see at Calvary Memorial.  SCC is several times the size of CMC.  The result:  I’m prepared and confident for growth out West, even if it comes quickly.  (Rapid growth isn’t one of my goals, but a possibility.  I’m ready.)
  • While frusting until we saw what He was doing, God cleared Calvary’s slate of candidates and withheld any serious responses from my 200+ resumes so that when we connected we were each the only one on each other’s radar screens.
  • Pastor Gary and I exchanged several short emails the Monday after Mother’s Day.  I didn’t know it at the time but he had an elder meeting that night and took print-outs of the things I’d sent him to that meeting.  Talk about Divine timing! Once the board gave him the green light to procede things moved quickly.
  • Gary and Rachel, Brenda and I went to the same school… er-um …a hundred years ago.  We know and respect each other from way-back.
  • The Defining Moments series I’m teaching in Joint Heirs (life-group at Spring Creek Church) is remarkably relevant in light of the changes we and others in the class are anticipating.  When I agreed to teach Joint Heirs last year I didn’t know how long we’d be in SE Wisconsin.  Teaching each week had me in good shape to teach/preach in Gering on our interview weekend.
  • Interest in our home has been brisk, even though the market itself isn’t all that great.  Thankful!
  • We’re moving in a semi-trailer!  Plenty of room for a change.  Because the truck comes with a driver (an elder from Calvary)  we’ll be able to get both cars out west easily.
  • One of our maintenance concerns on the house was easily cared for, and at a fraction of the cost I imagined!  Thanks for looking out for us, Lord!
  • My temporary position as documentation coordinator can “ramp-out” soon before we leave so I have time to tend to last-minute things before our move.
  • July 30 – at least as of today, the house we like best out West is still on the market!   I’ve decided to be bold (Heb 10.19-24) and ask God to hold it for us.  😀

(more to come)