If you’re in a position where you are called upon to give-give-give, you know how quickly we wear out.  It could be a special needs child, a difficult class, a demanding mate, an unsatisfiable boss, _____(enter your situation here)______.

I wrote to encourage a friend early this morning. His is a constantly-give situation.  His dad’s health is failing, mom already in glory, and he’s the sole care-provider for his dad, freelancing and looking for employment all at once.  It occurred to me that what I shared with him may be useful in a broader context.  Here’s my note, slightly edited. Perhaps these thoughts will encourage you too.


I learned something valuable a few years ago that may come in handy now with your dad, as well as with others you give to day after day. The concept is that of being a courier, nothing more, and stems from the concept in Galatians 2.20

“It’s no longer I who live, but Christ lives through me”.

Here’s the rationale:

  • I in my own strength am not man enough to love these people the way they need to be loved.  I just don’t have it in me some days.
  • My reserves are not large enough, and my motives too easily become skewed.
  • God’s love, on the other hand, is boundless and His supply more than adequate for today’s needs.
  • The best approach (perhaps the only way to survive these conditions)  is for me to come to God first thing in the morning, asking “what would you like me to carry to them today?” He’ll point it out, I’ll take it to them. Then I come back… “What next, Lord?” and He sends me with the next thing they need. All day it’s like that:
    What next?   . . .   Here you go.
    God supplies, I’m His runner.

Somehow, being the delivery boy never grows wearisome. There are smiles and appreciation at both ends of the route.


God has quite a few openings for the position of Divine Courier  if you’re interested.