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Here are a few paragraphs from this morning’s prayer journal.
Any insights you have?  Any helpful perspectives?
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The last couple of days have been “pray on the run” days and I’m sorry that’s the case.  Why is it I sense —or feel— that when the pressure’s on, when the urgency is mounting, when money is running out, when the employment search seems to be taking much too long, that I need to be busyl; busy at the expense of my time with You?

Is it responsibility, wanting to be sure You’re not waiting on me to do something?

Is it mistrust wearing a new shirt?  Lord, I HOPE not! I’d like to think that if anything, my trust in You is at its healthiest right now.

I say and believe that Prayer is our First Resource.   It’s true.  And while I’ve been praying as I go, I miss the quiet solitude of being with You like this.  Maybe it’s because when You nudge me in these quiet moments, I can feel it.

You know how long our concerns are going to last.  You know when the best time would be for our house to appear on the market (if that’s what You have in the plan) and who will be looking right about then.  you know ALL the details.

Lord God, I want to be what You want me to be
I want to move in Your footsteps
in Your time
reflecting Your character.
I need Your help to do that.

Thank You — in advance.