Last Saturday morning is in my 2009 highlight reel. I’ve already decided.

Several of us gathered —all friends—  to help me capture some more footage for music demos.  I have one online but wanted to add a couple facets to the mix that weren’t represented in the first one.  More importantly, we’d be able to worship the Lord together again, something we love to do.

Jon, Harry, Jim, George)

Bernie, Tom, Tom, Phil, Steve, Matt (Out of range: Jon, Harry, Jim, George)

The morning was ambitious but rewarding.  We started from square one at about 8:30, and three hours later called it a wrap. We prayed. Rehearsed. Tweaked. Trimmed. Sang and played to the Lord while the tape rolled.  All the while, George took candids and helped everything run smoothly.

It’s wonderful when friends who’ve been friends a long time come together. It’s even better when Christ is the primary reason for being friends, their/our strongest common thread.

Thanks, guys, for Saturday.
It was a good morning,
worshiping and praising the Lord with you!

Do you have friends who know Christ is their Savior? Who want to serve him full-strength?  Who enjoy life, complete with struggles and challenges?  Nurture those friendships if you do; they’re priceless.