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You started out in the middle of everything.
You were attractive in oak and matt-black.
Yours are nice lines!
We liked having you out in the open.

Then we invited you upstairs
So we could spend time with you while we
Watched TV. You know.
Two things at once. Multi-tasking. Efficiency.

But you were noisy. And in the way sometimes.
So when the missus asked me
to move you downstairs
I couldn’t argue.

I carefully stood you on end in the corner
Hoping you wouldn’t mind the dust,
An occasional spider or centepede
Or the song of the water-softener late at night.

But then the bathroom scale raised its eyebrows
“You’re not headed for THAT weight again
— ARE you?”  I winced.
“Never. Never, never, NEVer.”

So now you’re upstairs again.
Different room.  Dust-free and clean.
I can see out into the back yard
When I’m with you.  And I like it.

Can think. Dream. Hum.
Watch the wildlife.
See the seasons change.
It’s better than before.

If this works like I hope it will,
We’ll spend a little more time together
This week than we did the week before
And I’ll be less of a man for having done so.

Yep,  I think I like you after all.
Actually I always did,
It was just too easy to neglect you,
My friend Nordic Track.