I love teaching adults.  I love teaching, period, but I especially like teaching adults.
They think.
They know responsibility.
They know how important it is to laugh
Most have  experienced deep friendships in some form, perhaps marriage, perhaps a close peer-friendship.

When you’ve been around the block once you tend to ask different questions in class than those for whom this is all theory.

But the thing I like most about teaching adults is that we learn from each other in class.

So when I was invited to teach a Sunday Morning life group (like an Adult Bible Fellowship or Sunday School Class in many ways) the opportunity appealled to me big-time.

While we don’t know what the future has in store for us ministry-wise, our church leaders know that and said to me “As long as you’re here, we’d like you to teach.”  Sounds good to me! We don’t know how long we have until the Lord returns, either, Let’s go for it.

I’m looking forward to this fall.  To prepare, to consider a group of others, keeping them in mind all the time, watch for illustrations and applications that will make sense to them, helping strengthen and deepen their faith.  Experience has taught me that I learn the most when I’m the teacher.  Part of my preparation is deciding what to present and what to leave out the adult learners in my class have adequate time to contribute — and we still finish on time.  These are great people with much to share.

This … is gonna be good.