Tonight at dinner Brenda read me a little something from a Beth Moore study she’s participating in. It’s a study on the songs of ascent from the Psalms (I love those)

The point Beth Moore made in this one is that we SAY we believe God is on our side, but deep down we mostly feel like He tolerates us thanks to sin and struggle and falling short.

We agreed together that she’s probably right – more right than one would care to admit at first. Then we talked about what that would look like and what it would mean for the two of us if we believed – I mean really believed – that God believes in us, Pulls for us. Wants the best for us. Wants to give to us. Bless us. Draw us close so our fellowship with Him is truly remarkable.

It was a great discussion and has me thinking this evening. And singing an Integrity Hosanna chorus from 20 years ago called “On Our Side”.

What do you think? Do we tend to live short of what God wants to give us in the way of understanding, wisdom, love, provision, etc.?  Why is that?

Something to think about !