I’ve been thinking lately (all right, I’m always thinking, but you know what I mean) about the two-talent guy in Jesus story.

We tend to focus on the five-talent guy that comes out the clear winner, and we say “I wanna be like him when I grow up!” Or we hone in on the one-talent guy that buried his in hopes just giving it back intact would be good enough.(wrong) and hope we don’t end up in his category. But I’ve been considering lately that the master’s words in Jesus’ parable were the same to the two-talent chap as to the superstar. The return on his investments were proportionally the same as the top gun. “You gave me two, here are another two.” Pretty impressive, really, when you stop to think about it.

Can you imagine hearing those words from the Master? “Nicely DONE!”
Can you picture the smile on your face when you say “Thank You, Sir. It’s been a pleasure.” ?

I can, and the thought of it has encouraged me a lot recently

I’ll never be a college president. I’ll probably never write a book (writing to you all here has fulfilled that desire for the most part). I’ll never need to go on tour to promote my latest CD release. I doubt I’ll be invited to serve on any prestigious boards or committees. I travel, but I’ll never see the places some of God’s servants have. I’ll never speak to thousands. I doubt my administrative assistant will ever say “I’m sorry, he’s booked; he can’t come speak at your conference.” I don’t even have an assistant. And all of that is OK with me. I just want to invest and re-invest so that when my Master returns and says “Let’s see how you did, Phil” I can say

“You gave me two to work with, here are the two more they earned.
Your investment has doubled.”

Think of it. It’s the same rate of return as the five talent guy, just a lower profile and a little more laid back. Same amount of joy, same Heavenly Father, same delight! That’s my style, really, it’s how God wired me. You too?

So roll up your sleeves, my two-talent friends, let’s re-invest the interest in what we’re doing for the Lord. Let’s let Him work through us and cooperate with Him so we’re fruitful over the long haul. His smile of approval and good word “Nicely DONE!” will be worth the effort!

Selah ~