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I was on my way to work today when I noticed a gage trying to get my attention.
Oh, not you. Come away from that H
It was still dark and the pre-dawn fog was intense this morning. I didn’t want anyone to think I was someone to follow and slam into me while I was parked alongside the highway looking into things, so I found the first street in town and pulled off to the side. Steam was escaping from part of my engine. I added more coolant, all I had in the trunk, and made it six more blocks to a gas station. More steam. More coolant. A call to work. Let it cool down. Limp home and to the garage a mile away. More steam.

They’re looking at it now and I should hear later this morning if my car runs on steam and I’ll need to start buying coolant (at $8 /gallon), or if it really runs on gasoline and this morning’s fill-up at $2.79 will do me a while. 😉 $2.79 seems cheap compared to $8.00, you know? I bet it costs me quite a bit to find out, though. In the meantime I’m thankful for an allotment of sick-days to use when things like this go wrong, and for the quiet of home while I wait for that dreaded phone call.

Ahh-yes. My mother-in-law’s little cross-stitched plaque was right: “It’s ALL on the way to the dump.”

My dad used to tell the joke about some country chaps comparing what they considered to be the worst sound in all the world.

One said it’s that sound you hear when you fall off your horse and know you just broke a bone or something. Another said it’s jumping across a ditch or stepping through a barbed wire fence and hearing a rattle-snake tell you to get off his property. The third said, “No, fellas, the worst sound in the world is when your mechanic stares at your engine, takes off his cap, runs his fingers through his hair and whistles. Just whistles. Long and slow.”

Today I’m inclined to agree with him.

It could have been worse, though; much worse. This could have happened half-way between home and somewhere. I could have been in three or four-lanes of stop-and-go traffic in Chicago or something. Nope, even though it’s probably going to be expensive, it could have been worse.