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Well, it’s a bit out of character for me, but I turned a “Yes” into a “No thank you” this morning. Less than a week ago I accepted an invitation to contribute to a neat blog here on WordPress and today I politely stepped away. Fickle, aren’t I?

No, not at all. It’s called stewardship.

If you’ve trusted Christ as Savior, you see life differently than most. Each of us have been given certain amounts of money, time, and skills/gifts/abilities during our lifetime and our Lord expects us to invest those things as part of how we serve Him . (More on that in Matthew 25 and Luke 19.) I see myself as pretty much a “two-talent-guy” but I long to hear His words and see His smile “Well-done, Phil. Bravissimo!” as much as the five-talent Christians I know. I’m focused. Intense (maybe too intense sometimes) but that’s the way “Pistol” Pete Meravich played for Boston, it’s how Mike Singletary played for Chicago, it’s how my spiritual heroes lived, and that’s how I live. I want to see the greatest possible return on my life. For GOD’s glory.

When I was thirteen I decided it was time for me to “quit wasting God’s time” as I put it then. Life began to come into focus for me. That was almost four decades ago, and the further down life’s road I go, the stronger I feel about that. I’ve endured some set-backs, even some self-induced —I am SO grateful for His mercy and grace!— but He’s calling me ever-closer, pruning away anything He needs to, even good things, so my branch, though it’s only one branch, is heavy with fruit.

…every branch that does bear fruit

He prunes

so that it will be even more fruitful.

John 15.2

When I work WITH Him in that process life goes much-much better than when I don’t.
God is the Master Gardener. And get this: He’s taking responsibility for my fruitfulness!
Now if that doesn’t infuse a guy with confidence, I don’t know what does!




Are you cooperating with Him? I hope so — it’s the only way to go.