Well I did it. Reluctantly, mind you, but I did it. I wore a jacket this morning.

In the Spring each year I look forward to leaving my winter coat on its hanger and wearing a lightweight jacket instead. But this time of year it’s a less-than-cordial ‘hello’.
It was 50º when I was ready to leave the house this morning, so I deliberated for a bit, changed my mind a time or two, then whisked it off its hook and pulled it on. I guess it’s that time of year again.

The black walnut trees have been littering my freshly-mown lawn for a couple of weeks already; they’re the last to leaf out in the spring and the first to give up each fall. The finches and chickadees are gorging themselves at the feeders outside the dining room window in preparation for colder times. Spring flowers are long-gone and Summer flowers are calling it quits. I suppose I can wear a jacket again, hmm? It’s not that I don’t like Fall, I do. It’s just hard to say good-bye to Summer is all, and this Summer was especially pretty.

Soon the leaves will begin changing, except the black walnuts, they’ll be bare-branched long before the rest. I’m hoping this Fall will be breathtakingly beautiful since the last half of Summer brought us plenty of rainfall.  It’s easier to pull on a jacket, even a coat, when Autumn’s vibrant colors smile at you from the countryside. I love it when huge maple trees in town invite me to slow down and enjoy their canopy over the street as I drive under them. I smile when I think of the mums in the yard being the last family to leave the church of full-bloom. I guess today was the prelude to all of that. The seasons turn. They’ve taken their cue from the Creator for centuries, so my reluctance this morning probably won’t slow things any.  I suppose it’s time to say it aloud – and mean it.

Welcome, Autumn. It’s nice to see you again.