I remember that every once in a while, riding along in our VW bug —my folks had five in a row so that’s most of my life— every once in a while Dad would turn his head to my sisters and me riding in the back seat and say “You might want to see this.” and point at the odometer.

We’d watch the nines all line up. Well, sort of, it wasn’t very tidy, really, then they’d keep creeping upward until there was this little click and all new zeros lined up.


We’d smile, say whatever word was the thing to say at the time, “neat”, “cool”, “wow”, and slide back into the seat behind us again. We’d just witnessed a milestone. What did it mean? As kids we didn’t really know, it was just fun to be there to watch it happen.

It’s my turn to say “You might want to see this”.

A neat little milestone for Vibrance in Ministry ! just went by … it said:


Kind of hard to believe isn’t it? Seems like I just drove this blog off the lot a couple months ago!

My car has 191,000 on it and the Celica has 211,000 on it, but I think someone probably noticed when they turned 25K too. So let me take just a second to say:

  • I’m glad you’re along for the ride. Thanks for traveling life’s highway with me.
  • Jonell’s been doing some navigating for me, riding up front, keeping me awake 😉 Thanks, Sis.
  • I look forward to the rest of the journey, the things we’ll talk about the songs we’ll sing, even the occasional “are we there yet?
  • It’s great calling you all friends, even though many of you I’ll never meet this side of Glory.
  • You help make this an encouraging and uplifting community. Thanks.

“Ok, that’s enough, now, sit back and buckle up again.” Did that sound like Dad at all?
If you’re good you can pretend you didn’t hear me, ‘cuz I’m soft-spoken like he was and the motors (behind the back seat in VW Beetles) were plenty noisy!