Hi Friends,

It’s been a few days since I wrote of the events near me that reminded me again of how short life can be and that life doesn’t guarantee tomorrow’s arrival. Lyn, Curt and Tim’s brother. (No Guarantees – August 15th)

Since then the Lord has been mightily at work. Lyn’s body was safely returned to the US and the autopsy confirmed that it was his heart that gave out on him. That information doesn’t bring him back, of course, but it does help to know what caused his sudden and unexpected death. His wife and one of the group from the states returned this week, and the others leave Singapore according to schedule and should arrive home tomorrow (Sunday) evening. Pray for their safety and for the ability to process all that’s gone on the last ten days. Lyn’s memorial service will be in his home church Friday evening the 24th.

I’m keeping close watch over Curt’s situation. The good news is he’s been moved to the rehab facility instead of the hospital. Kelly will be able to sleep at home (their daughter Kendalyn too) and is welcome to be with her husband through his therapy during the day. He’ll be there at least 28 days, the therapists say. Can you imagine?? Kelly wrote that there are HUGE –and I do mean HUGE– gaps in his memory and recall. In one note she referred to the days ahead as a marathon. She wasn’t kidding. If you know pastors at all, you know the mind is critical to a pastor’s life-work. Curt needs the Lord to do a miraculous and extensive work, reconnecting everything he knows with his ability to recall it. That’s an understatement, I know it is, but that’s on purpose. The reason for this post isn’t so much to rehearse Curt’s condition; I believe it’s going to improve day by day and this post will soon be out-dated. This post is to pass along a helpful technique for jogging OUR memories — to pray.

You may have a few (or a lot of) prayer cards on your bulletin board or refrigerator to remind you to pray for people you know who are serving the Lord. But what about people who haven’t gone to the trouble of —or who haven’t had the time— to put something together? What about people you want to pray for without them even knowing you are? Several years ago a creative friend showed me how to create “mobile prayer cards” and I’ve found them very useful! I have mobile prayer cards for my family and extended family, some close friends and for specific things I’m praying for in my own life and ministry. Mobile prayer cards remind me to pray about those people and concerns often, even when I’m on the move. I’ve decided I’m going to use a turbo-charged HEMI-version of the concept with my friends Curt, Kelly and Kendalyn! I want to pray for them all-through the day, not just during my quiet times with the Lord. Here it is.

  • Every time I see a white pick-up truck, I’m praying for Curt. His is a Chevy but I’ve got my eye out for any make, any size, any model. If it’s a white pick-up, I’m praying for Curt right then.
  • I’m watching for their initials on highway signs and billboards, license plates, book titles, headlines, television call-letters, and news scrollers. When I see C, K or V I silently pray for my friends.
  • When we worked together Curt referred to himself as an “unrepentant Detroit fan” so when I see Detroit mascots or emblems, instead of rolling my eyes and thinking, “yeah-right” as a good Packer-fan should, I’m praying for my friend Curt and his family, asking God (again) to show Himself strong on their behalf.

Mobile prayer cards. Pretty easy concept, isn’t it? You can use the same idea. If you know Curt and his family (quite a few who read here do know them) feel free to use or adapt my ideas. If you have people or concerns this will work for, put it to use. Heaven’s up for the increased prayer traffic, and you never have to take a number when you bring something to the Lord in prayer. It’s the best no-waiting line in all the universe.

When men work, men work. That’s nothing new.

When men pray, God works. That’s not new either, but it sure is an untapped resource. I’m convinced we can pray all the time, and mobile prayer cards help that happen. Try it out – I bet you’ll like the results. God will enjoy “seeing you” so often too. Count on it.