I have some fond memories of coming into the kitchen on mornings when I had a full day ahead of me and Mom or Dad had taken the time to set things on the counter they knew I’d need. Sometimes I discovered things in waiting that I hadn’t thought of, but would later when I needed them.
Whether it was a fishing trip into the mountains or a field trip at school, those things waiting for me on the counter first thing in the day told me someone had been thinking about me, anticipating my needs for the day and made sure I had everything I needed to make the day a success and a pleasure.

I like to think of God doing that for us every day. When we come around the corner and into the kitchen thinking nothing but “coffeeeeee” there’s a backpack or briefcase sitting there containing everything we’ll need for the day. God has already been through today, He knows what we’ll need today and has everything ready and waiting for us. There’s usually nothing extra for us to lug around (unless we decide not to use it for some reason) but it contains all we need for the day ahead. (Philippians 4.19)

It’s more than sandwich, apple and chips; He knows what we’ll need today in the way of patience and encouragement, perseverance and faith, food, finance and shelter. He knows what temptations the adversary has scheduled for the day and has included a matching number of foil packets marked “Escape”.

I like to think of Him sitting across from me while I enjoy my juice and coffee. I like to imagine His smile as my eyes figure out how to focus again and I find my speaking voice. His words in the early morning soft-spoken and reassuring. I picture His smile when I compliment Him on His creativity in making the birds at the feeders outside the window, and the flowers opening to the early morning sun.

When the time comes to move into the day I imagine Him opening the screen door for me, smiling that I have my briefcase with today’s provisions. “All set?”

“All set,” I smile back, and nod a “thanks” at His holding the door for me. What my neighbors never see, primarily it’s between Him and me, is that He follows me to the car and goes through the day with me. He doesn’t even mind driving, making decisions, offering perspective and wisdom —when I ask Him to (such a Gentleman). The days I remember to do that, though? Always worthwhile – even if they’re hard.

Everything’s on the counter for you today, friend. Your heavenly Father’s been thinking about you. He knows what you need today and it’s all waiting for you first thing in the morning. He is honored when we live with Him in mind, thankful for His provision, using the escapes He’s packaged for today’s temptations. If it’s been a while since you’ve “taken Him with you” through the day, give it a try. You might even let him lead — I doubt you’ll be disappointed in how the day goes.

Selah —