Another post from my sister, Jonell 



On my way to work this week, I saw a Mama bird helping her little bird learn to fly.  Mama bird would catch the little bird on her wing, fly together for a bit, then Mama would drop her wing and the little bird would have to fly again.  When the little bird took off in flight, Mama bird would fly higher, coaxing the little bird upward.   

Mama was always there to catch the little bird if he started to fall.  When he took off higher than before, she was even higher, encouraging him to follow her.  I could almost hear her say, “Fly, little one, fly!”  And if birds could smile, I’m sure that Mama was smiling as her little bird finished the flying lesson that day.   

A prayer came to my lips and I said, “Lord, keep doing that with me!  Catch me when I fall.  Let me ride on Your wing until I catch my breath.  Encourage me to go higher than I’ve ever been in my love for You and my service to You.  Knowing You are pleased with me and seeing Your smile will be my greatest reward!”