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You know that sense of momentary indecisiveness that rushes over you when someone says “If I ask you a question will you give me an honest answer?”
If you’re like me, you think for just a moment “Why? Would it be better if I didn’t somehow?” Then we decide (I hope!) “Yes, I’ll give you an honest answer”

I want to ask you a question, and hopefully you’ll be honest with your answer – at least to yourself. Here’s the setup.

Several weeks ago I scribbled a couple of notes to myself. Let’s talk about Philippians in March, then Peter through Holy Week, and after that, prayer. I think we need to talk about prayer. So that’s where we’ve been lately. Looking back over vibrance stats for the last several weeks I’ve become even more convinced at least the last part of that observation was accurate. A lot of people stop by here. A LOT! Some of you friends come through the door every day “Hey there! What’s new?” and I love that – it’s like we have these text get-togethers  from our favorite chairs scattered around on this big blue marble.

The post-stats indicate that people aren’t very interested in prayer these days.  You who have vibrant personal prayer relationships or are from churches with active prayer lives seem to be the exception rather than the rule.  This li’l tidbit of information has me thinking… and so I’d like to pose this sober question to you. You don’t have to answer out loud or with keystrokes, but do be honest with yourself; take a few minutes to think it through before nodding to yourself that you’ve arrived at an answer.

Think of your personal walk with God, the role of prayer in your church, and your immediate family.

Ready for the question? Here it is.



Do I tend to treat prayer as my first resource?

or as my last resort?




Think on that a bit as you go about your business the next couple of days or so, and if the Lord beckons you closer, remember how much He loves you.