We’re talking about prayer here on Vibrance, and I think it no accident that I received this note today, a comment at the end of a thread where we lifted another family up in prayer.   I share it here with you so you can join me in praying.   No city, no last names, but the Infinite, All-knowing God we serve knows ALL the details.   Vonda read my thoughts on moral failure, on prayer for the family and related posts from earlier this year then asked our help in holding her family up in prayer.   Please join me.  Where two or three are gathered in My Name,” Jesus said, “I’m there with them.”   Don’t forget, His words (Matthew 18.20) came in the context of conflict.  Here is her note: 

Please help me pray for my husband Dean Sr., he left us a month ago in his mid-life crisis and committed adultery with a young 24 year old who is married with a 5 yr old son. They both work within our local police dept. They’ve been seeing each others for almost a year now. I found out in January. We are praying for his salvation, quick deliverance and restoration of our marraige & increase in finances on us both to pay off all the bills we got behind on…
My request and help me pray is that he returns home very soon before I commit myself to move our family elsewhere. I have to submit my resignation this Friday and next two weeks sign myself to a higher education institution. I hate to do these things IF he wants to come back. Divorce is the last thing on my mind and do not want to grieve our Lords heart. I am willing to forgive and forget but I am leaving it up to him…bring him home within the next two days….Lord!
Thank you.

Vonda, I will definitely pray, and I will invite those who read here to pray too

  • for his salvation first and foremost (the key to his ability to do the right thing and the thing he needs most),
  • for your restoration as a family, and the other family too,
  • for the willingness to do all the difficult things necessary to right these wrongs,
  • for God’s provision.  

Lean hard on the Lord through these times.  He’s up to it!