While my content is unchanged, I am trying out WordPress’ newest theme. WordPress is great about continually introducing things we can use. I’m not easily impressed – but I am with WordPress.

  • I love visual imagery and appreciate good photography so I’ve been watching for a theme that allows images/pictures to be used in the header without the severe cropping many require. This one has a prominent picture at the top. I like that about it.
  • I like the vibrance of bright red and black. I chose black with red for my Senior Recital colors. (Woah, was that a long time ago!) I just hope it doesn’t detract from or clash with the subtle colors in a lot of the pictures I like. I guess we’ll find out.
  • Other things we’ll have to see about
    • Sidebar column widths really scrunch some of the entry titles, don’t they?
    • The search bar almost disappears (look again, it’s there).
    • If you mouse-over the dates in red on the calendar you can see the post titles for that day. That could come in handy.
    • In most of the themes I’ve used thus-far, a click anywhere in the header picture takes you to the top of everything. In this theme only the “Home” tab at the top does that.
    • When you type a comment in this theme, you type white on black – that could scare away commenters, ya’ think? (or am I just being a softee?)

I’m interested in how YOU like this theme – or things that annoy you about it. You’re my guests, I sure want you to be comfortable and keep coming back!

What do you think? Is this a good choice?