Another post from my sister, Jonell

Dog Commands


My husband seemed to think he wanted a Yellow Labrador (back in 1999). I finally agreed if we got a puppy, then I could grow and adjust with it. We brought the puppy home and during the weeks and months that followed, I fell in love with this little bundle of yellow fur we named Chelsea.

Before long, I was the one who found great pleasure in taking Chelsea for an evening walk down our country road. The first step was training Chelsea to walk with a leash. The second step was training her to heel (walk at my left side) without the leash. Most of all, she needed to learn to obey my voice for “come” and “sit” and “stay” commands. We both knew the “relax” command meant, “All other commands are off; you can do as you wish now!”

We really enjoyed our evening walks, especially if God chose that night to paint the western sky from His sunset pallet.

sunset walk

Whenever I asked Chelsea, “Wanna go for a walk?” she had no response. But if I asked, “Wanna go for a heel?” She would jump up and down and run circles around me. She knew what the word “heel” meant.

As we walked, I quoted scripture, talked to God, and enjoyed having
Chelsea “heal” at my side as we walked down our country road together. Sometimes my prayers were often interrupted when I had to say, “Chelsea, heel!” as I pulled her back to my side.

One evening on our walk, I got this interesting . . . (maybe even convicting) . . . word picture in my mind. I had this thought, “I wonder how many times God has to say to me, “Jonell, heel!” and after we might walk a little further, God sometimes says, “Jo-neeeell” hoping I’ll obey His voice this time. And without a word, I drop back into place, right by His side, knowing that’s the safest and best place to be.