If the Lord doesn’t return before then, I’ll take some time to talk about prayer’s role in ministry beginning next week (April 16th and following).

Don’t look for something new every day like we did with Peter – sometimes it’s nice if the rain comes slower. It soaks in better. We can talk about things more. And I really do welcome your input and discussion – you all are wonderful about being considerate. Thank you.

I wish there were a way to leave the book open, a pen next to it, and invite you to write your thoughts at the top of blank pages for us to scribble on as the discussion unfolds.  That not being feasible, I invite you to comment.   And I’ll take the liberty to copy and paste from comments up to the body of the post, leaving your comment intact so others can find you.

Here are some of the aspects or facets of prayer & ministry we’ll consider, please feel free to add to the list with your comments.

  • It’s easy to assume that turning to the Lord in prayer before, during and after ministry work would be a given, but I’ve found that, sadly, one cannot assume anything. (Ann) 
  • The role of prayer in preparation,   ie.  conceptualizing, study and planning.
  • The role of prayer in rehearsal (thinking specifically about arts and worship ministry).
  • The role of prayer in the worship service:  *Heart attitude, *Public prayer, *Pastoral prayer, *Some songs are prayers, *Related to preaching (Spurgeon’s boiler room, for example)
  • …my husband and I were just talking about the need for prayer in preparation for sermon delivery by pastors. We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on it!  (Julie) 
  • What happens  within us when we pray?
  • I have tried for the last few years to make prayer more than something I do before meals and in my devotional time … I want prayer to be something I do every minute of the day. . . the dialogue goes on and on.  (Jonell)
  • Perfunctory Prayer:  How do we keep prayer from becoming this little obligation we attend to so we can be sure God’s going to keep the follow-spot of His favor on us? (My bias is showing, isn’t it?  Tough.)  😀
  • “Wanna go for a push?”   (sometimes the title comes first, ya’ know? More later)