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Tradition has it that a phrase came to the forefront as news of Jesus’ empty tomb spread through Jerusalem and into the surrounding villages and towns.


He is Risen!


Keep in mind there were no web browsers to check for the latest headlines.


Dr. Luke didn’t blog. None of the disciples did.


Your cell phone wouldn’t text you with late-breaking national news.


There were no TVs in airports to stand for a moment and catch the latest on CNN.

You wouldn’t have gotten the news from the Sunday Morning Paper, not even an EXTRA or Special Edition of the Jerusalem Times. Gutenburg hadn’t been born; it would be a while before moveable type.

Word spread person to person, face to face.

He is Risen!

If you were a skeptic you colored the news with your own editorial bias; maybe a can-you-believe-it “They’re saying he is risen”.

If you were a believer your eyes fairly danced when you said the words

He is Risen!

You’d extend your hand to shake the hand of the one coming toward you on the road (a Roman way of expressing while still at a distance “I am not armed”) and say the words

He is Risen!

If the person was a follower of Christ, if they had already heard the news and were rejoicing that Jesus was indeed alive and had risen from the dead they answered you with a grateful smile:

He is Risen Indeed!

Let your heart rejoice this morning when someone greets you He is Risen! and respond accordingly.

If you say with a smile He is Risen! and get a blank stare or a roll of the eyes in return, heads-up. This one needs to know! Stop what you’re doing for a moment and tell them in the most winsome way you know how what Jesus did for them, praying silently as you share the good news “Lord, give them the faith to believe, the way You did me.”

Spread the word –

He is Risen!