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Visitors to the control booth frequently say “That’s sure a lot of buttons!”

I usually smile and say “And each one has a function.  But it’s not too difficult once you break them into groups and subsets.  This section does this, each of these rows does this, the blue knobs do one thing, the white another.”

What do they ALL do together?   From a worship perspective, I mean.  Pan back with me for a minute; look at the booth from a ministry perspective. 

  • What’s all this equipment do?
  • What do its operators do that relates to worship?
  • What’s the ministry function here?

It’s difficult to answer succinctly, isn’t it?.

Here’s how I’ve come to answer the question; see what you think of my take on things.

Picture a small but easy-to-read sign in the booth ( like you need something else to watch) that reads:

We are here to

enhance what’s occurring now,

anticipate what’s coming next and

eliminate (or minimize*) distractions

so these people can enjoy today’s/tonight’s meeting with God.

For that to happen they need to see well and hear well. 

When you read those lines, what happens inside? I’m interested in your response, especially if you’re a ministry technician/artist.  


(*I say “minimize” about distractions because while technical mis-fires are certainly distractions, sometimes they happen elsewhere, “out of reach” in a way. So the ones we can control we eliminate completely. The rest we minimize.  )