Where Next?

I enjoyed digging for nuggets in Proverbs in February and hope you did too.

I can remember exactly where I was when I promised the Lord I’d not keep my mouth shut about the things He has done for me, or fail to talk about the things God will do if we’ll we let Him. (That’s from Psalms 40.1-4a).

So coming to the last chapter of Proverbs raises the question “Where next?”

After some prayer, some thought, and asking for a few ideas, the Lord pointed “There.” Next week we’ll start into Philippians, the same chapter each day for a week. Yep, seven days in a row. As you’ve figured out by now, Vibrance isn’t an expositional endeavor, there are many more qualified than me to do that. We’ll train our eyes on the day-to-day practical out-workings of what we read, keeping with the objectives in “C’mon In!” up above.

So put the ribbon or a bookmark at Philippians and get ready to marinate in joy, the theme of Paul’s letter to one of his favorite congregations.

Have a Great Weekend, and Stay in Tune~!

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