March arrived like a lion this morning; like The Lion of the North!

I awoke early again – an hour before my alarm.

I’m not ready to blame this on on my age. Not yet.

Shower & prep.

OJ & devotions – Proverbs 29 and a preview of 30.

Prayer in the pre-dawn silence.

Let’s check. Weather is….

Oh-goodee. Freezing drizzle. Thirty miles to work in freezing drizzle.

Thank you for the extra time, Lord, I’ll warm the car.

At the curb: decision point.

Go the North route. I-94 is more travelled, the extra traffic will make for better traction longer.

North it is. 83’s not bad. New salt, good traction.

Sure enough, I-94 is busy; busier than I expected at this hour.

Two solid lanes, now three, at least everyone’s thinking the same thing: pick a place, stay there and arrive safely.

50 is fine.

The drizzle’s sleet now, hammering a delicate rhythm on my windshield.

Visible tire tracks where we all are running.

45 is better don’t we all agree?

Disagree-ers moved left, some with no finesse at all.

I shook my head at a bright-blue pickup in a hurry. Hope you make it, Pal.

Sleet and snow now, wipers less necessary, pay attention to the wheel tracks.

40. Twenty after. I’m early, no rush.

Snow. Big fat “gloppy” flakes. And wind.

My word! Look at it come!


Two hands on the wheel. No music. (Don’t ask me why, I just do that)

Four-way flashers in the ditch on the right. A blue pickup. I remember and grin. “See?!?”

No white lines now. Just snow-tracks.

I see a snow plow – in my rear view mirror – great.

The big hill. It’s greasy. Brake lights everywhere.

But no headlight light shows. Excellent.

That’s got to be a couple inches already! This would be a white-out in the country, my South-way.

Ease right – my exit’s up there, and I am NOT going to change lanes in a hurry.

Another snow plow – behind me. Oh-well.

Exit’s super-slick. I smile and wonder how many angels are holding my sedan in place. “Thanks”

Finally, the parking lot and an open place.

Can hardly see the building!

The snow packs underfoot – I leave my car unlocked just in case it’s buried when I return this afternoon.

Welcome, March, way to roar your way in!

Does this mean I’ll be on my hands and knees playing in the dirt on the 31st?

You’d better say ‘yes’.