I’ve heard meekness defined as “strength under control”.
If you really are strong you don’t have to strut it. It’s there when you need it.

A hundred years ago when I was in high school (actually it was more like thirty-five) this guy Merle kept bugging Vicki, Mike’s girlfriend. She tried to be nice but he just couldn’t accept the idea that she didn’t want to be bothered, didn’t find him funny – not at all.

Mike watched this go on for several days (usually lunch hour was the worst). Then one day Mike quietly walked over to Merle, let him know in soft-spoken tones that if he didn’t quit, he (Mike) would have to hit him (Merle). “And I’ll only hit you once,” he said.

Mike had done well at the state wrestling tournament, was a running-back on our football team and strong as an ox, but he never strutted his stuff. He never had to. I think he was one of two or three guys in Meeker High School right about then who could grow a full beard, and Mike was a sophomore. He was quiet, humble, and strong.

Well, Merle stepped over the line – on purpose.
(Can anyone be that stupid? Maybe so.)
Mike looked at him. Stepped up and hit him. Once. Merle crumpled.
“I told you. Get up now. We gotta go to the office.” And off to the office they went, Merle holding his face in his hands, Mike in obvious pain as well.

Later that afternoon they came back to school, Merle with his broken jaw wired shut, Mike with a cast on his wrist and hand.

One hit, just like he’d said, but my goodness! It was truly power under control.

This is the best example I have so far of meekness. And it happened in the halls at Meeker High School. (Handy, hmm?)