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If you’ve visted here very often you know that I have a category on Vibrance called Selah. And you know that at the end of my entries, I sometimes write, “Think about it ”  or “Selah”.



Recently my youngest sister, Jonell, reminded me of something that happened an our house when I was in high school and she was in third grade.




One Saturday night before bed, she was lying on the living room floor with her Bible and her lesson book, working on her Sunday School lesson. She had just read a Psalm and at the end of it she read “Selah!”




About that time I came running down the stairs to get something. As I walked through the living room she asked, “Phil, what does Selah mean?”





I replied, “Think about it!” and kept going. About five minutes later I came back through on my way upstairs. She stopped me and said, “Phil, I’ve been thinking about it, and I still don’t know what it means.”




She tells me that I smiled and said, “No – the word Selah means ‘think about it’ . . . so you are supposed to think about the Psalm you just read and think about what it means.”


She still smiles whenever she finds the word Selah at the end of a Psalm, but she’s never forgotten what it means!






Think about it—