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Hopefully you’re not in a hurry, the quote that follows needs for you to slow down, much like coming into town and having to drive 25 mph awhile. It’s about prayer.

It’s taken me much too long to grow into this, but I can honestly, humbly say my prayer life is as vibrant right now as it’s ever been — and I’ve been around awhile! More and more I’m understanding that prayer is an ongoing, steady, unending dialogue with the Savior of my soul. Granted, we have a couple times each day when I stop and talk with Him, just my God and I, but He doesn’t wave good-bye when I move on to what’s next or head out the door, He comes with me. We talk constantly. I’m confident He knows what I’m thinking about because I confide in Him as my day unfolds (or tries to unravel, which happens now and then).

In my opinion, the lines that follow are worth “Selah – Think about it.” Please don’t just skim them and say “Yep, that’s right” or nod and click next; take thirty seconds to reflect on these thoughts. I believe the author is exactly right.

Our prayers build the kindgom of God and destroy the kingdom of Satan. But where there is no prayer there is no warfare.

Where there is no warfare there is no spiritual reality.

Where there is no spiritual reality, there is no victory.

Where there is no victory, there is nothing glorifying to God.

Charles Stanley




If you’re involved in worship and the arts at your church, those words may be a bit unsettling. We frequently assert that we sing, play, act, paint, etc., for the glory of God, yet it’s the easiest thing in the world to plan, practice and drill so hard we neglect to pray.

Asking the help of the Very Audience of One we sing and play for each week in worship is more than important — it’s vital.

How does your church incorporate prayer into your planning, rehearsing and corporate worship? Would you share a couple prayer-related things that help your church glorify God? Others could benefit from things your fellowship has found useful. Thanks!