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Here’s a simple but effective device you can use with your church media system to emphasize a verse or short passage of Scripture, perhaps today’s recurring theme.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the basic direction and content of the service or event.
  2. Choose a short passage from the Word that coordinates with the day’s worship service or the evening’s basic theme.
  3. Create a “slide” to use during transitions in the service using a subtle or scenic background and gentle, easy to read text.  This image is for transitions, not the star of the show, so don’t let it get flashy on you.   (Here is an example –OK two– borrowed from E-card sites to help you get started if you need help picturing what I have in mind.)
  4. Consider returning to this image at these points during the service / program
    • During the prelude
    • Just before the event begins
    • During short speaking moments like the welcome or opening prayer
    • Announcements
    • Introductions
    • During special solo or ensemble music
    • During the offertory

 In a 21st century way, it’s a bit like Deuteronomy 6.9,  only at church. 

 Resist the urge to traditionalize this method, however.  Ruts are easy to get into and difficult to climb out of.  

Experiment a bit. Listen to, even solicit feedback from parishoners you know will be honest with you,  learn and grow.   

 More importantly,   Enjoy.   “Play skillfully” (Psalms 33.3)  is easily applied to the computer and video console.  Save the shout for joy until the end of the service, though, when all has gone well.  You don’t want people turning and looking back at the control booth.  🙂