Nick, Jared, Steven

Nick, Jared and Steven enjoyed a music and worship reunion as they led worship all three services Sunday morning, December 31st.

Three high school friends now majoring in music in three different universities were home for Christmas and led worship at Kettle Moraine Evangelical Free Church in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Nick is sitting on a Peruvian drum called a Chacone. It’s a wooden box with snares inside; he brought it home from a short-term missions trip to Peru. Nick is a percussion major at Wheaton (just plain scary on the marimba!) and playing the djembe.

Jared is playing acoustic-electric guitar and leading. He’s a composition major, minoring in percussion at Cornerstone University.  More importantly, he’s my son. 😀

Steven is playing bass. Best friends since middle-school, he and Jared are truly kindred spirits; so much so they barely need to talk sometimes! Steve’s a composition major at Trinity International University, and plays sax and guitar in addition to bass.

These three led or participated in the youth worship band as high-schoolers, and have all chosen to pursue careers in music and / or ministry.  Having had some influence in their lives when they were students,  it did my heart good to see them reunited, playing skillfully (Psalm 33.3), bringing glory to God.  Theirs was not a look-at-us-perform morning.  (Never!)  Theirs was  “to usher God’s people into His presence and get out of the way”.  They and others are the product of several years of the church’s music and worship department intentionally putting 2 Timothy 2:2 into practice. Or, as we said in more everyday terms:

Everything I know I’ve learned from somebody.

It is my responsibility to share what I know with you,

Knowing you’ll add to it before you pass it along.

So let me ask you ? “Who in your world might qualify as your Timothy?”