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Winter Oak - Canada

 A tree can’t like winter.  I can see no reason why it would.

No foliage to showcase.

No growth to watch and enjoy. 

No activity in the nests of birds wintering in the South again this year. 

The possibility of being hit by, perhaps injuring a sledding youngster.  


That relentless wind.  

I can’t imagine a tree liking winter – not if it’s decidous.

But I’ve read that the strength we admire in hardwoods comes in winter’s dormancy.  And that the beauty we admire of close grain, smooth, graceful lines and color are a result of winter’s long and silent work.

I can’t imagine a maple enjoying winter. Nor a cherry, oak or walnut.  But I can almost hear them sigh from time to time, refusing to complain because they know winter is necessary.  A deciduous dilemma.

Lately I’ve come to see that life is like that for those who know and follow God.  If we hold still and cooperate, life’s winters can make us strong while the grain of our lives becomes increasingly beautiful, particularly when others look back and remember.

If you’re in the middle of a personal winter right now, as I am, be strong. Hold still. Grow stronger.  Endure without complaining. 

God knows — and is at work. 

Spring will bring joy, new growth, and fruit. The songbirds will move back in, thankful you’re here for them. You’ll shelter their new young.  You’ll enjoy warmth again.  And shade. 

But for now,  winter is necessary.


To —Deciduous Delight—