Minimum Maintenance Road

Years ago we passed this sign in Chase County, Nebraska.  

“Stop!”  I urged, “I NEED a picture of that!” 

The driver obliged, (actually I think maybe I was driving – my passengers had no choice!)   and It’s been mine to chuckle at ever since. 




it says.   (NO kidding!)

From time to time I pass it around or Email it again to bring a smile to the people I share it with.  Today, though, just today,  look down the lanes of that minimum maintenance road and imagine

  • The value that county road could  be – but isn’t. 
  • The travel that could go that way – but doesn’t. 
  • The maintenance that could have been done – but wasn’t.

I don’t ever want my life to resemble that road.  

  • I want to always be well-maintained. Spiritually.
  • To pray – staying in dialogue with my Lord.  Unceasingly.
  • To ask the forgiveness. Readily. 
  • Build the relationships. Intentionally.
  • Keep the weeds away. Methodically.
  • Prune back the overgrowth. Regularly.
  • Keep the disciplines – not for discipline’s sake, but for the sake of usability. 

It doesn’t take much to keep a road in that condition.  (OBviously).  

And it takes hardly any effort at all to be someone the Lord decides not to use.

Selah ~