You’re Obligated


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If someone older believed in you
If someone gave you a chance,
opened a door and motioned you through,
If you’re mindful they didn’t have to but grateful they did,
You’re Obligated.
Do the same for another.
Pass it on.

If you’ve a future leader on your team,
if you can see beyond this month’s bottom line
or the graph on next quarter’s report,
If you know what he or she needs to know in order to thrive,
You’re Obligated.
Tell them.
Teach them.

If you have a colleague who shows promise,
If you suspect you’ll neither one live forever
or that one of you will one day move on,
If you believe another’s candle can burn brightly without yours going out,
You’re Obligated.
Set them up for success.
Invest in the future. Theirs.

If you sense someone’s drifting,
If you know your team is “good people” just not aligned,
If you believe in your cause and your associates,
You’re Obligated.
Draw things back into focus.
But take no credit, deny heroics.

If you sense one on your crew might surpass your own accomplishments,
If your breath on someone’s spark could set it aflame,
If you can see the glow of another’s fame
and silently remember being there when it began,
You’re Obligated.
Blow on it! Burst it to flame.
Be the one they remember when asked one day: Who got you started?
Who influenced you early-on?

– But –

If you care not who follows you or how,
If it annoys when others succeed,
If you don’t care if what you know dies with you,
No legacy, no wisdom, no lessons learned,
Then you’re not obligated.
Do nothing.
History will write a cul de sac without you.
You won’t be mentioned at all.



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